Giovanna G. Bonomo
Lost and found in Italy

Lost and found in Italy
Prezzo Fiera 18,00
Prezzo fiera 18,00 Six Life - Changing Journeys to ne new life

Have you always dreamed of starting a new life in Italy?Take a journey into Veneto, Tuscany, Umbria, Marche, Lazio and Puglia in this collection of witty and inspirational stories. Discover why and how six women just like you challenged their limits, escaped the status quo, and started a new life in Italy.


In this multi-sensorial reading experience, art, food, and music come alive to stimulate your imagination, lift your spirits, and spark a sense of joyful anticipation for your arrival in Italy.


Pair a cheese tray with a bottle of your favorite Italian wine, set the recommended playlist, and prepare to be Lost and F   und in Italy!



  • Pagine: 188
  • Formato: 13,5x21
  • Isbn: 97-888-6864-246-4
  • Prezzo copertina: € 18



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